Create, control and easily modify all neccesary permissions for people who are allowed to access building’s spaces.

WayIn is developed for the convenience of both facility management and tenants. With the help of Wayin you can create groups of employees, delete badges or create ones for new employees. Easily manage everything that is connected to employees and their access to different access control systems in one intuitive panel.

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The opportunities await

Find out why both facility managers and tenants
already leverage Wayin's solutions.

For the facility managers:
  • Connect all the access control systems in one easy to use admin panel
  • Save time and resources due to providing administration panel to your tenats
  • Skyrocket the cost effectiveness of your administration
  • Make your facility even smarter
  • Provide easy-to-use access ecosystem to your tenants
  • Keep your tenants' data secure and not visible to other parties
For the tenats:
  • Easily provide, restrict and update access levels to your employees
  • Manage all neccesary permissions in one convinient admin panel
  • Save your own & your administration's time and resources
  • Set the access templates for individuals or groups once and update them at any time
  • Keep your employees' data secure and not visible to other parties

Main functionalities

Everything you need to successfuly manage access control.


- Automatic profiles import from existing on-site systems without additional configuration
- Easy access and permission control- Integration with mobile access solutions
- Allocating and limiting a pool of physical and mobile access cards to tenants
- Handing over privileges to tenants, so they can manage permissions for their employees on their own
- Integrations with access control systems and mobile access solutions
- Easy data import of users, profiles and badges

- User profile management
- Easy set up and management of physical and mobile access cards
- Group, personal and default access settings for users
- Convenient mobile card issuing via automatic emails
- Easy badge withdrawal
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Data protection & security

Wayin is secure in the way your organization requires,
for facility managers, tenants and employees.


There is no need to be afraid of unauthorized change of security protocols of access systems, Wayin works on top of them.

Badge withdrawal

We prioritize security, so the badge withdrawal process is as quick and as short as possible, minimizing the risk of any security breaches in that regard.

Physical serwer in the building

All the control stays within the building, so no 3rd party has any access to it. You can control the access to the server with Wayin.

Data anonymization

Although Wayin exchanges information between access points or facility managers' and tenants' panels, the data is being anonymized whenever it is possible or your data protection requires it.


The changes made by admins in the Panel are visible to the owners, so there is always a changelog in case you need it.

GDPR Compliant

All the data is processed in a way that is 100% compliant with GDPR requirements.

It's powerfull and easy

Learn about the most common use cases that help
to manage access control in the building.

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