Manage your company parking, so that everyone can easily find a spot.

Easy to

Reduce admin effort and provide staff a fair parking booking system. You establish rules, limitations, or other customizations, and parking is automatic. The cloud-based technology allows managers to check in on their desktop and workers to book on their mobile.


Our staff offers assistance in onboarding and getting the most out of the platform. We can provide complete employee and admin training, help you to set up configurations, and offer knowledgeable advice, if required.


You'll receive information on how your workers utilize the parking lot, including who books places, when, how many, and which areas are most popular.  These actionable information can help you manage parking use and improve staff and visitor parking.


Setup of the parking management system doesn’t usually require help from IT, and it works on all systems and devices.

The application is a smart Office Parking Management system that gives employees the fastest way to schedule, reserve and vacate parking spots within an organization. This allows the companies that have more employees than parking spaces to optimize the utilization of those spots. Once a company has set the parking rules, the app operates itself, allowing employees to decide when or where to park based on those rules.

Benefits for organization

  • In long perspective the app reduces costs of parking
  • More efficient parking spot management reduces administration time
  • Alternative way of employee reward (compensation of inflation)
  • Better utilization of parking means more people can come by car

Benefits for employees

  • Better experience coming back to the office for employees
  • Feeling of belonging to the company (company takes care of its employees)
  • Saving time on car parking means faster way of finding a parking spot
  • Less stress with getting on time because of assurance of parking space